From humble beginnings

Dave McClenaghan and his wife Veronique started out buying and selling t-shirts in KwaZulu Natal and later moved to George where it was through Dave’s innovative thinking, a goal, a strong-willed mind, and attitude, that excelled Vic Bay to where it is today. We have grown hugely over the years, and are a one-of-a-kind in business in South Africa that controls the complete manufacturing process from raw cotton to the finished garment.

The factory, which produces our garments (all under one roof), is located in the 6th oldest town in South Africa, George - the Capital of the Southern Cape, and the heart of the Garden Route. This historically rich town is a visual paradise whichever way you turn.

9km down to the beautiful waters of Victoria Bay. This is not only a popular local surf spot but also where the founding members’ (Dave McClenaghan) sons rode the waves throughout their adolescence years, hence where the name Vic Bay originated from.

Our history proves that with a goal and a positive attitude, nothing is impossible!


The Vic Bay Apparel product range has been specifically designed to meet the demands of the promotional market, with styles varying from t-shirts, polo’s and hoodies to headwear, in 24 varied colour ranges. We cater for men, women and children, giving our customers a wide variety of options to benefit from, we have new styles being created each year, in order for us to stay relevant and on top of our industry.

The emergence in popularity of both the t-shirt and polo shirt is steeped in history and at Vic Bay we are proud to be part of this vibrant, inspirational and colourful history. Since our wholesale products come in 24 vibrant colours, you're likely to find a colour that works with your design. If you cannot find what you’re looking for in our colour range, we can produce a custom colour order for you - all we need is a fabric swatch or PantoneTM swatch. Please note than minimum quantities apply and are subject to quote.


Client-focused - We have a commitment to our clients. We listen and work to anticipate customer needs and help them solve problems. Client satisfaction is a priority for everyone at Vic Bay.

Consistent quality - Everything we make and do must be as good as it can be. Quality means that our products are not just well-made, but consistently well-made, and are ensured that they perform as promised every single time.

Consistent product - We closely monitor and manage our production line, as well as our distribution centers, to ensure we have consistent levels of stock of our basic products and colours.

Performance - We continuously strive for improvements to enhance quality and value for money. By focusing on efficient production and delivery, we ensure a healthy bottom line for Vic Bay and our customers.

Collaboration - We work together to bring the best effort and thinking from our business to deliver consistent quality, value and solutions for our clients.